That East River Hustle

Featuring Haley

It was a bright and sunny day in NYC and I met up with Haley to create. We explored along the East River to find some moody shadows mixed with bright sunlight to capture her sunny disposition; To get started, she took center stage.

We decided to move into the sun and warm up a bit — the breeze coming off the river it was a bit chilly.

After a quick wardrobe change we were ready for the game.

If you’ve got the time, why not do goofy things?

Pipe Dreams

We all have them, some more impressive than others, but at least today was a good excuse to talk about them.

Back to Reality

We gathered our things and captured our last shots, and headed back to reality. And if you haven’t, check out the quick video at the top of the shoot.

And that’s our hustle, don’t stop raising the bar, pushing for your goals and making those pipe dreams come true.

Model: Haley

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