Editorial Submissions

If you have an unpublished shoot (already shared on social media is fine) that fits our aesthetic, includes some nudity or implied nudity (limited sets focused on intimates or swimwear will also be accepted) with a focus on femininity and raw beauty, then we’d love to share your dream. We’re looking for artistic, dreamy work with a preference for grainy film or film-style photography.


  • We prefer you submit exclusively to Lost Dreams and not other websites/magazines
  • Models must be 18+ and provide proof of age
  • Must have a release/contract/permission from models/photographers


  • 15-30 JPG’s (2600px on the shortest side) shared via Dropbox or Google Drive
  • At least 2 of your best landscape/horizontal photo options for the website feature image
  • Include all credits and Instagram accounts or websites
  • Description of the story/concept behind the shoot
  • For any nudity, you must include models ID to submit (blurred out address is fine, as long as name, photo, birthday and expiration date are visible)
  • Include a model release (if you have no release, we request that models fill out a digital release upon submission approval)

Due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to everyone and publication is not guaranteed. However, we will take care of everything and get in touch if going forward, with a private preview and/or request for model releases if applicable.

If the form isn’t working, you may submit your shoot, including everything from the checklist through email at submissions@lostdreamsmagazine.com


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Legal Disclaimer

By submitting to our website you agree to our (Lost Dreams Magazine) terms and conditions.

By contributing to Lost Dreams, known as ‘Lost Dreams Magazine’ that assigns the right for lostdreamsmagazine.com to publish and use the contents on lostdreamsmagazine.com and also for content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. In special cases also for promotional content within Lost Dreams Magazine – such as popups, advertisements, posters, cards, projections and also for public relations outreach, such as email, events, exhibitions and presentations. Lost Dreams and their owners will never sell your images without personal permission. Note, that you have to be the only copyright owner of the images, text, to submit them. As a photographer you own the written permission of the models and agencies for publishing the images. For nude images the photographer confirms and has a legally document copy that the model is over 18+. You keep all rights to your submissions. However, in the interest of maintaining quality, we retain the right to make visual changes to your work and to use them for the promotion of Lost Dreams Magazine. Lost Dreams and their editors also retain the right to add annotations as we see fit. You agree, by the acknowledgement of this disclaimer, to not hold Lost Dreams and their owners responsible for any injury, mental or physical, resulting from the publishing of your submission. Also, if anyone sues you for slander from any content you submit that we decide to publish, you agree to not hold Lost Dreams and their owners liable. Lastly, Lost Dreams cannot guarantee that every submission will be published.