Farming for Gold in the Fall

Featuring Megan

Megan connected with me on Instagram; We decided to create some material to build her modeling portfolio, but something that would also work well for the mag.

We decided on a location somewhere in the middle, between our starting points. We explored to discover unknown territory in order to create this fun story. After chatting and looking around for a bit, we jumped right in to shooting. It was a crazy windy and chilly day, so we had to keep moving to stay warm.

Always a good sign when you start a shoot off with the giggles.

Jump For Joy

It was just too windy and cold at this location, so we moved on to find something with a bit more cover.


Defeating the Mind’s Eye

As a visual person, I’m always drawn to things that catch my eye.

So when something stands out I feel compelled to capture it. Megan’s vibe and natural beauty was something that I knew would work really well on camera, and I’m honored to have been able to help build her modeling portfolio. She definitely has the talent, spirit, looks and figure to succeed.

Time to go farming.

We managed to fit in one more edgy look before calling it a day. The sun and clouds were just not cooperating, resulting in constant stop and start shooting, but we made it work.

And that’s a wrap for this story. Stay tuned for more work from Megan, we plan on shooting again in the spring!

Model: Megan

Smiles required during every shoot.