Allure Of The Forest

Featuring Avalon

The late summer is a great time of year for shooting, the temperature is usually starting to cool down, the forest is beautiful and green, and the mosquitos are like mini vampires aimed at world domination. It’s slightly refreshing under the forest canopy… not too humid, with some slight crunch on the ground beneath your feet. Almost the perfect time to explore the forest, minus those damn mosquitos.

Avalon and I took a little time to find the right spots — and then jumped straight into the fun of the day — looking for fun shots and forest backdrops. Admittedly, we did bring a few of our own to mess with.

Nothing but beauty in frame

We wandered along a small river to find some deeper forest for some artsy fun, because what would be the point otherwise?

Breaking free from fishermen to explore the forest nude

You’re not always alone in the forest, no matter how hard you try… and sometimes you’ve just gotta dive in and make it happen.

Back to the Banks

On the return trip we stopped to stretch and get some rest.

Back on Track

Almost back to our starting point we decided to make it weird.

As time blew by while sneaking around patches of poison ivy, Avalon got wrecked by mosquitos resulting in a grand total of 56 bites. I guess sometimes earth fights back against us creatures. She still won the battle, maybe not the war. Regardless of the pain, we’re both looking forward to more awesome shoots like this, minus the mosquitos of course.

And before we go, one last thing:

Keep it sassy!

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